5 Habits of a Good Programmer

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5 Habits of a Good Programmer

In the Tech World, every developer competes with each other, and being the best in the organization is always a preferred choice for everyone.

To achieve that position of being the best in the organization, there are several ways to achieve it, which are coming in recent times in a blog Post.

But to achieve that best in the organization you have to develop some habits that are always found in a quality developer, which I am going to tell you about. The habits of a Good Programmer which I recently found in the Good Programmers by observing many of them over the Internet.

1. Maintaining a Journal

As a Programmer, you must be learning some good skills through multiple sources, and let me tell you If The Internet has given us the power to Learn almost anything over the Internet it also gave us the Burden to keep track of the course we were learning from.

If there is a problem there is a solution also maintaining a Journal will keep a track of multiple things like it will help you in keeping a track of how many topics you have learned and how many to go If you are learning something

It will also help you to keep track of which modules have been developed and which is the next to develop It will keep your work in very lean and precise way If you are Developing any Project.

2. Having a Roadmap

Having a Roadmap is very necessary for a Learning Developer as it provides him a Learning curve helping him to which topics he has already learned or which topic is the next.

Being a developer doesn't mean that you shall learn whatever you see over the Internet but having a good path to learn the skill in a good way is always the best.

It is almost similar to Maintaining a Journal but with a difference In Maintaining Journal you are specifying that this is done or this is to be done next but in Having a Roadmap you are declaring that these are the things which shall be done to achieve the proficiency in this skill.

3. Planning Before writing Code

As a Good Programmer, you are asked to write the code but that doesn't mean that you have to write code every time without even thinking.

It is a very important part of the coding, whenever you get a Billion Dollar Idea like Creating the next Facebook or next Google, you first have to visualise it in your brain that this is what I want as an actual Product.

By first visualizing it in your mind will save you a lot of time when you will be coding. Thus, making you more productive than before.

4. Writing Beautifully Structured Code

Writing beautifully structured code distinguishes the less experienced developers with more experienced Developers as the Company Ignores this skill commonly but when it comes to managing a larger codebase it comes in handy to write beautiful structured Code as It clearly states the Developer that which line of code is written for what purpose.

5. Being Updated on latest Developments

Being the Development field evolving so rapidly that no technology remains the same for continuous days and it affects the result and the study of a Developer.

So it is always preferred that a Developer always be updated about the latest updates and releases.

As the Good Developers always stay updated no matter how they get updated Personally I get updates through various Blog Posts and Newsletters and it's always recommended for every Developer.


For being a Good Developer you must first develop some habits that a Good Developer have which in conclusion is listed below :

  1. Maintaining a Journal
  2. Having a Roadmap
  3. Planning before writing code
  4. Writing beautifully Structured code
  5. Being Updated on latest Development


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